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Top 10 Things You DON’T Miss From Your Childhood

Happy #ThrowbackThursday – Whether you grew up black, white, hispanic or “other”, we all have those things from our childhood we all remember and hate. You may miss the good ole days of being a child without all the cares you suffer now, but if you could go back, you’d probably leave a few things out. Here are 10 things to add to that list. See which ones you remember and wish you could forget.

  1. Whoopings (or Spankings/Beatings)For the longest time as a child, I can remember being under the impression that white kids didn’t get spankings. They got grounded and no dinner. Ha! Boy was I wrong when I moved to the country. Looks like we’re all in the same boat. I’d definitely leave what was considered whooping out. By the way, whoopings is the worst of the list. I guess we were some pretty bad kids. (Sorry mom).
  2. ChoresDid you ever get woken up out of your sleep for undone chores? What about getting a phone call from mom saying “You better have such and such done before I get home…” only to find yourself procrastinating until just about 30 minutes before she was due home? Yeah, chores. What a burden. Too bad they don’t end in adulthood.
  3. Being grounded/Losing PrivilegesOk, so being grounded is different from whoopings (if you grew up like I did you would know why). But getting grounded was still the worst. My parents gave us whoopings, spankings, beatings, groundings, took away our privileges, made us work in the field and we still couldn’t get it together. Great news is we’re amazing adults today and their proud to say so. But still, I’d get rid of losing privileges and getting grounded. Those sometimes hurt more than physical discipline. No Power Rangers for a whole month?! #ChildAbuse
  4. Homework and Reports”Ok students, be sure to read pages 1-5 million and do a 15,000-page book report, due tonight before school opens.” Were teachers slave drivers back then? The amount of homework was cool. It was just boring. Looking at kids today, they get to do stuff online and go exploring and their teachers are creative geniuses. We got the old bat that would bend over right in front of your face. Well, then again, we have that work today now don’t we? #TheStruggle
  5. Sharing Your Things With FamilyRemember those cousins that would come over and had to sleep in your bed? With those smelly feet? Or how about when your parents MADE you share with your younger sibling? My goodness. The horror!
  6. DetentionOk, so this one is a little different for me. I got detention but not for getting in trouble for disrespect or not turning in homework. For me, it was more of a thing of being late. My sophomore year of high school, I got like 64 tardies that year. You try having to take buses (yes, plural) from Carol City (near where the Dolphins play) to Southwest Miami (where the alligators of the Everglades play – not really). But still, no matter why you got detention, it always sucked. And they didn’t play about you talking. Try it if you want to. You’re gonna end up suspended.
  7. Eating Disgusting FoodsI was one who enjoyed beets. My mom would put sugar on them. Cool right? But my sister? Just the thought of certain foods could make her queasy it seemed. But yeah, you can remember all the horrid things your parents wanted you to eat as a kid. For me, it was liver. My dad, I tell ya. Some foods are just not made to be eaten. Chitterlings was another monstrosity. Fortunately, my parents had some civility so it was optional…I think.
  8. Saying Yes Ma’am/SirI guess I’m cool with having to say this. I say it even now as a millennial adult, but some people just don’t deserve the added courtesy. They deserve the occasional “What you want?!” But remember when you would forget to say “yes ma’am/sir” and you would say “yes”? The hell-fire that was about to rain down on you!
  9. Bananas in PajamasI added this one because what a crappy show. I mean, literally a show about banana-suited people. I know some people hate Barney, but I’ll take that Robitussin-colored dinosaur over bananas. “Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs…”
  10. Losing everythingOne of the banes of my childhood existence might have been the fact that I would lose so much – homework, project, bus card, shoe, sock. The worst part was when your parent would tell you to find it and would give you some sort of ultimatum:
    A. You better not come back empty-handed
    B. If I go and look and find it, you gone be in trouble.

    It’s like you couldn’t win.

There are certainly other things from your childhood I’m sure you’d love to leave out. So, if we ever get that time machine built and you decide to go back in time, just know what you might in store for. A blast from the past. Enjoy your weekend!