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Super Bowl LIII: The Ads Your Co-workers will be Talking About All Monday

As the 53 Super Bowl went on against the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, another battle was going on during the breaks. Although this year, the Big Game found it difficult to keep its viewers entertained as their ratings hit a 10 year low, companies try to capture the audience’s attention by creating memorable ads for its 90+ million viewers.

Here are some of the top commercials from the 53rd Super bowl:


Pepsi- Okurrr!

Pepsi made sure to emphasize that it is more than an “Okay” alternative to coke, featuring stars like Cardi B, Lil John, and Steve Carell in this star-powered ad.



The Twilight zone- What dimension are you even in?

From breakout film “Get Out” to his upcoming thriller “US”, Jordan has been giving his viewers the scary, thrillers they want, so his take on “The Twilight Zone” will be interesting to watch.



Burger King- Eat Like Andy

As creative and interesting Andy Warhol’s life and legacy are this throwback ad of him eating a whopper was a bit bland….much like the game. At least we took a trip down memory lane and got to see what an old school ketchup bottle looks like.



T-Mobile- Taco Tuesday Just Got Sweeter

T-Mobile is making the choosing dinner easy by offering its T-Mobile members free tacos on Tuesday.



Bud Light-Bud Knight

This “Bud Knight” ad highlights that “The Game of Thrones” final season will begin April 14.

In simple words, this ad says: Stay tuned and grab a Bud Light.



Bumble- Make the first move

Serena shares her journey on how she became one of the top performing athletes in the world. She emphasizes how important it is to not wait to be given power “because we already have it” If this isn’t the best representation of the good that comes from girl power I don’t know what is.



Doritos- Flamin Hot Nacho

Spicing up the original BSB classic “I want it that way” by rapping and dancing with the original 5 members. Chance the rapper becomes the newest addition to the Back Street Boys band. A perfect way to introduce the new Flamin Hot Nacho Doritos.



What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year?