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Meet Society Fitness Owner, Adam Becker

Meet Adam Becker, co-owner of Society Fitness. Four years ago, Adam was doing sales and marketing for a liquor company. He quickly realized it was not the right industry for him and decided to open a bar. At the same time, his passion for fitness was growing. He started looking for spaces to open a bar and when he got to one space he thought to himself, “this wouldn’t work for a bar, but it would make for a hell of a gym.” He immediately called his friend Mike Vouvounas to see if was interested in partnering up and the rest is history.



Society Fitness is a luxury training facility located right on the Miami River. With floor to ceiling windows, the gym provides incredible views of yachts cruising down the river and of the Brickell skyline making it one of the most unique locations for a training facility in Miami.






Society offers both Group Fitness classes and Private training. Their signature class is called SocietyPerformance. The class uses several different training methods including; functional bodybuilding, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), boot camp and plyometrics. The class is very challenging, yet tremendously fun and will always leave you feeling faster, stronger and sexier. They also offer a class several times per week called GluteCamp, this class is designed to build and tone your finest ASSett! If group classes are not the right fit for you, Society has a team or private trainers to work with you 1-on-1 or in small groups.



Although they take the training seriously, there’s a huge social element at Society Fitness. Incredible friendships have been made. Clients arrive early and stay late to just to chat and hang out with their friends. Adam and Mike have put a lot of emphasis on the community, creating a “third place”. Adam explained, “We go to work, we go home, but we need that third place to decompress and escape some of the stresses of life, we are proud that our facility has become that place for so many people,” he continues, “Mike and I quickly realized how special the people are that make up our community so we started using this quote ‘To be a SOCIETY of ordinary people that lead extraordinary live.’ Society Fitness has clients that are all ordinary in the sense that we are on the lifelong pursuit of health, fitness and happiness yet, when you dive a little deeper into each client you quickly see how unique and extraordinary they are. Their careers, travels, cultural experiences, volunteer work make for very special conversations and stories



To learn more about, Adam and Society Fitness, Follow him on Instagram at @adamnbecker and visit Society Fitness for class schedules and training options.  



Miami Under 40 members receive 20% off class packages.