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Meet Michelle G. | Certified Matchmaker & Relationship Coach

#FeatureFriday is where we feature a top young professional from within our community. For the month of February, our focus will be highlighting key individuals that create an impact in South Florida, we look forward to introducing you to some local leaders.


Michelle is a Certified Matchmaker and Relationship Coach who focuses on Love Psychology.

As a child, Michelle’s mission in life was to one day become the President of the United States. Michelle served in the United States Marine Corps and has 15 years of experience in conflict resolution. While in college, she met a fellow marine that swept her off her feet. She soon got married but found herself doing really great in her career but not so great in her marriage.


Michelle dealt with a high level of conflict resolution at work, often managing Prime-ministers and country leaders but seem to have little success when it came to dealing with conflict in her first marriage. Through a painful divorce, she found the inspiration that launched her into finding her purpose. Michelle soon took time to heal and went back to school, became certified and got a degree in Social Psychology.


Coming from a broken home, Michelle realized so many relationships consist of nasty fights or nonsatisfying relationships altogether. Developing her own methodology, She then wrote a book titled “Relationship SOS” focusing on how couples can bridge any conflict gap together.


Now happily married, Michelle is a Certified Matchmaker and Relationship Coach. Michelle’s #1 goal is to help clients restore and maintain healthy relationships through couples coaching. She was first certified as a Relationship Coach, but couples were so happy with their remarkable results that they began referring her to their single friends who needed help finding love. Michelle then got certified as a matchmaker as the online dating world was expanding giving her the perfect opportunity to help singles find lasting love through the use of cutting edge technology. Now six years and dozens of happy clients later, Michelle G. is one of the most trusted digital matchmaking services for singles.


Though Michelle’s company continues to evolve, her overall goal is to help clients achieve and maintain healthy relationships. To learn more about, Michelle G, and how you too can find love in the city, Follow her on Instagram at @ms.michelle.g and visit www.michelleg.com