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Meet Fitness Entrepreneur Ramses Principe

Ramses Principe,  a Venezuela native, has been living in Miami since the age of 9. During middle school, Ramses began to get into sports and being active by playing football. Soon becoming one of the top players in the nation in high school. After graduating, Ramses received a scholarship to play at the University of Cumberlands in Kentucky for college. After two years, a shoulder injury forced him to stop playing. Ramses who once had his eyes set on playing for the NFL was now not being able to work out because of surgery and experiencing bouts of depression as he now had to redirect his life which resulted in him gaining over 40lbs.


Returning to Miami, Ramses decided that although he could no longer play football he wanted to train athletes. That same summer, Ramses began to intern at the elite Bommarito Performance facility while attending Barry University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, rediscovering his love for sports and fitness. After graduating, Ramses started to post and document his health journey and road to eating clean and training dirty on social media and grow his brand, MIA Fitness.


MIA Fitness mission is to help people become the best version of themselves. Through his online training, Ramses has a variety of programs from clean bulking, weight loss training that comes with the workout, meal plans, 24/7 support and guidance and more. In his e-books, you can find workout plans that can target growing your quads and glutes, along with special recipes that are quick and delicious. You can’t expect to look a certain way, to live a certain life, if you are not doing what it takes to get to that part. What to get started on a healthier you, MU40 members receive an exclusive 25% off e-books.


Enhancing your mindset, and living a healthy life are the two most important things Ramses pushes his clients to achieve. Ramses has dedicated his life not only improving the mindset of his clients but also members of his community. In 2018, his charity hosted 3 different events from a Christmas toy drive giving away 500 toys to kids in the Miami community to giving away 400 turkeys in Overtown during the Thanksgiving season.  


Mindset can change everything. Ramses says “It’s not only about being healthy but also thinking different. You need to think positive. If you tell yourself you can’t do it, it won’t ever get done ”


To learn more about The Fitness Entrepreneur connect with Ramses on Instagram, and Facebook or check him out online