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Meet BarberShop Speaks Founder Jefferson Noel

#FeatureFriday is where we feature a top young professional from within our community. For the month of February, our focus will be highlighting key individuals that create an impact in South Florida, we look forward to introducing you to some local leaders.


A barbershop is a sacred place where both joy and knowledge, sometimes more knowledge than in local classrooms, exist. You feel comfortable sharing your opinions on everything from sports, politics, and even marriage issues.



Usually, these conversations would happen without structure. However, Jefferson Noël, the founder of Barbershop Speaks, chose to use the barbershop experience to enhance South Florida’s communities.



Meet Jefferson Noel, founder of Barbershop Speaks.



A few years ago, Jefferson began his social organization, Barbershops Speaks,  as a way to connect members of his community together through conversation. Regardless of your age, race, or background, everyone gets a haircut, Jefferson sees the Barbershop as the community’s classroom, providing a diverse group of people and ideas, where everyone can learn from one another.


Barbershop Speaks is an educational platform that believes the barbershop is the community’s classroom and everyone is both a teacher and a student. Some topics covered during these monthly events have included education, women rights, local and presidential election, the justice system and more. Its purpose is to engage in intelligent discussions to enlighten, educate, and empower the community towards a more enriching life.



Barbershop Speaks is currently active in 6 Miami cities: North Miami Beach, North Miami, Little Haiti, Opa-Locka, Liberty City, Tamarac. According to Noël, his future plans include growing Barbershop Speaks’ all across cities in the United States and banding together with organizations to make workshops that further teach individuals in the community.


To learn more about, Jefferson Noel and Barbershop Speaks,  Follow him on Instagram at @jeffnoelspeaks and visit barbershopspeaks.com