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10 Things You Do That Annoy the Hell Out of Your Co-workers

Ahhh… the modern workplace…

A space where a company can place tens or even hundreds of people in a tight cubicle environment, giving them the task of being efficient and productive when it comes to completing work, all the while learning how to work with co-workers with different mannerism. Most people try to be that person everyone loves in the office…..or at least not the person everyone finds really annoying. Sadly, most of us have habits that can irritate our co-workers, that we don’t even realize.


Here are 10 ways you might be annoying your coworker right now:


1. Coming to work sick                                                                   

Don’t come to work sick. If you don’t feel well, staying home will allow you to get some rest and recover all while protecting your co-workers and their families. Besides, working from home isn’t too bad. Keep in mind, during Flu season to keep your hands and work area clean, disinfect regularly.


2. Always talking about how stressed you are                 

Everyone is stressed. When you continuously complain about how your life is so stressful all you are doing is telling people how you are not taking control of your life or that you simply just love to complain.


3. Microwaving your eggs                                                                   

It smells horrible. Unpleasant food smells can definitely put a damper on the flow of the work environment. Try to find food options that don’t make anyone in the office gag.


4. Gossiping                                                                                          

This might seem fun at first but rumors and gossip can often hurt the person these stories are about. There is no point in making enemies from repeating something that you overheard.


5. Making bold statements with no facts                                   

It’s important to remember that credibility is an important thing to have in a workspace. Always be sure to do your research before making any bold statements and always have facts that can back it up.


6. Stop hitting “reply all” to company emails                         

Everyone has enough email. Stop sending a message meant for one to all 40 of your coworkers that were on the original thread.       Key point: Think before you send, and simply include the people necessary for the conversation.


7. Texting during one on one conversations                  

Everyone is constantly on their phones and using social media. It is important that when your speaking to your coworkers that you are present and in the moment.


8. Be open to constructive feedback                                       

“Could you have done that better?” Listening to job evaluations and constructive criticism with appreciation and a “willing to change” attitude will enable you to be more productive in the workplace. Remember that person is pointing out what you’re doing wrong because they actually care to help you


9. Start participating in team building activities                             

 We all have lives outside of work however, it is important to strengthen your connection with your coworkers.  Attend the next social gatherings with your coworkers, holiday parties, or even just catching up at lunch. You never know, that co-worker can one day bridge the connection between you and an amazing opportunity.

10. Always show appreciation to others                                                   

Be sure to say thank you and show your appreciation to others that help you. Remember people are not obligated to assist you if you don’t express your appreciation people might just see you as selfish and stop helping.